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People don't go through podcasts and books as it takes too long or requires too much attention. By giving you the same wisdom in few minutes, Bites provides the fastest way to learn yet.

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Bringing you 10,000+ hours of knowledge in simple key points.


Easily search to find the key insights from your favorite podcasts and books.

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Great app for readers and listeners with almost no time to spare.

“I have been wanting to read almost all of these books but just couldn't find time.This app is great in giving a complete brief of the books in almost no time with the ease of going back to the books to revise exactly the things the you want.”

Evan Holland

Art Director

“I think your books are very handy. It make sense to prioritize your work and how you go about doing certain things. Sometimes we can get thrown off or overwhelmed that we don’t go thru with our usual routine. Thank you. I like to read and I will continue.”

Evan Holland

Art Director

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